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[英语演讲稿:人生励志英语演讲稿]关于自信的英语演讲稿One of the most popular sentences online states that remember...always act like you re wearing an invisible crown.What the saying indicates is the importance of confidence,an attitude that we should take toward our life.Its generally accepted that confidence plays a very vital role in ones life. But do you really know what dose self-confidence mean? Well, it means that you he s...+阅读



Honourable judges, ladies and gentlemen,

Good afternoon! Today I would like to talk about the importance of keeping optimistic. When we encounter difficulties in life, we notice that some of us choose to bury their heads in the sand. Unfortunately, however, this attitude will do you no good, because if you will he no courage even to face them, how can you conquer them? Thus, be optimistic, ladies and gentlemen, as it can give you confidence and help you see yourself through the hard times, just as Winston Churchill once said, An optimist sees an opportunity in every calamity; a pessimist sees a calamity in every opportunity.

Ladies and Gentlemen, keeping optimistic, you will be able to realize, in spite of some hardship, theres always hope waiting for you, which will lead you to the ultimate success. Historically as well as currently, there are too many optimists of this kind to enumerate. You see, Thomas Edison is optimistic; if not, the light of hope in his heart could not illuminate the whole world. Alfred Nobel is optimistic; if not, the explosives and the prestigious Nobel Prize would not he e into being. And Lance Armstrong is also optimistic; if not, the devil of cancer would he devoured his life and the world would not see a 5-time winner of the Tour De France.

A rose may be beautiful, or maybe not; that depends on your attitude only, and so does success, so does life. Hindrances and difficulties do exist, but if you are optimistic, then they are only episodes on your long way to the throne of success; they are more bridges than obstacles! Now I prefer to end my speech with the great British poet Shelleys lines: If winter es, can spring be far behind? Thank you!


Honorable Judges, fellow students:

Good afternoon!

Recently, ther is a heated debate in our society. The college students are the beneficiaries of a rare privilege, who receive exceptional education at extraordinary places. But will we be able to face the challenge and support ourselves against all odds? Will we be able to better the lives of others? Will we be able to accept the responsibility of building the future of our country?

The cynics say the college students are the pampered lost generation, which would cringe at the slightest disfort. But the cynics are wrong. The college students I see are eagerly learning about how to live independently. We help each other clean the dormitory, go shopping and bargain together, and take part time jobs to supplement our pocket money.

The cynics say we care for nothing other than grades; and we neglect the need for character cultivation. But again, the cynics are wrong. We care deeply for each other, we cherish freedom, we treasure justice, and we seek truth. Last week, thousands of my fellow students had their blood type tested in order to make a contribution for the children who suffer from blood cancer.

As college students, we are adolescents at the critical turning point in our lives. We all face a fundamental choice: cynicism or faith, each will profoundly impact our future, or even the future of our country. I believe in all my fellow classmates. Though we are still inexperienced and even a little bit childish. I believe that we he the courage and faith to meet any challenge and take on our responsibilities. We are preparing to assume new responsibilities and tasks, and to use the education we he received to make our world a better place. I believe in our future.


In my 18 years of life, there he been many things. University days are the best part of them. I can never fet the days when I stepped into my university. I was impressed by its garden-like campus, its enthusiastic students and especially its learning atmosphere. I at once fell in love with it.


After the arduous military training, I get absolutely absorbed in my studies. The classes given by the teachers are excellent. They provide us with information not only from our textbooks but from many other sources as well. They easily arouse my insatiable desire to take in as much as I can.


Frankly speaking, at first I had some difficulty following the teachers. However, through my own efforts and thanks to my teachers guidance, I made remarkable progress. Now Ive benefited a lot from lectures and many other academic reports.


Learning is a long process; Ill keep exploring in the treasure house of knowledge to enrich myself. This summer I got out of the ivory tower and entered the real world. A publishing house offered me a part-time job in pilation and revision.


At the beginning I was belittled by my colleagues. But they were really surprised when I translated seven English articles over 5,000 words on only one day. Gradually, they began to look at me with respectful eyes. In their opinion I turned out to be a useful and trustworthy colleague.


I also realize that only those who bring happiness for others can be truly happy. So I often take part in activities concerning public welfare. I once went to a barren mountain village with my classmates. We taught the kids there who could not afford school. While showing them how broad and how civilized the outer world is, I was deeply touched by their eagerness to learn, their honesty and their purity. I couldnt control my tears on the day when we left. The precious experience with the poor kids made me aware of the responsibility on the shoulders of us, future teachers.


Besides study and social practice, there are entertainments as well. I do body building every day, hoping to keep healthy and energetic. We also write a play and put it on in our spare time.


Campus life is the most splendid time. But different people he different choices. The majority of students cherish their beautiful season and cherish the hope that one day theyll bee outstanding. But there are indeed some students still under ignorance. They gather together for eating, drinking or playing cards. Theyre busy in searching for a girlfriend or a boyfriend. They fet pletely about their mission as college students and the hope of their motherland.


Finally, I do hope everybody can try their best to bee a worthy citizen of the country. I do hope everybody can bee the backbone of our nation and make great contributions to society!



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